For Queen and Empire

For Queen and Country

For Queen and Empire

How many must die to protect the Queen's secret?

A secret with the power to destroy the British Monarchy is used to blackmail Neville Chamberlain to sign the 1938 Munich Agreement, giving Germany the vital time it needs to prepare it's war machine.

Now two years later will Churchill succumb to the same demands? The future of Britain, the Monarchy, and the Empire, hang by a thread.

Churchill's solution, is to kill the German officer who discovered the secret, and anyone else who may be privy to it.

Caught up in Churchill's plot are three strangers, thrown together after their Paris bound train is destroyed by the advancing Germans, a Luftwaffe fighter ace, and the french resistance.

following the international success of The Windsor Conspiracy, and its sequel, Four Kings, readers of For Queen and Empire are again treated to suspense, piled on suspense, by this masterful story teller who adds another twist with every page.

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