Four Kings

Four Kings

Four Kings

From the author of The Windsor Conspiracy comes a tale of deceit, corruption and greed, deepening the mystery behind Royal involvement in world affairs.

Fans of the Windsor Conspiracy will welcome back familiar characters while for new readers this stand-alone story will take them from Zimbabwe to Niger Delta, the slums of Harare and in the Australian outback to undercover shocking secrets.

Zimbabwean Gus McKenzie’s land, Four Kings - won in a card game by his grandfather - is ravaged by looters and murderers after Mugabe decrees all white-owned farms will be resettled. Gus, left with nothing, vows to destroy those responsible for ruining his life.

But who was responsible?

Was it Mugabe, or was he a mere pawn in an international plot? Was the land taken for resettlement, or was there a more sinister reason? And why did the British not intervene?

In Four Kings the reader is treated to suspense piled on suspense from this masterful story teller, who adds another twist with every page. Four Kings is published by Tangerine Publications.

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"Hi Mike. Just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your book "Four Kings". It was a super read and has all the makings of being a best seller. I found it more exciting than a James Patterson novel, or Stuart Wood. Now I have to read book one. Thankyou for writing such a fast paced and believable story, it kept me well entertained for a few hours. Love your paintings too, you clever man. All the best. Wayne"